6 seating counter sushi-kappo restaurant in Miyazu, Tango area, of northern Kyoto
by a Portuguese chef  fascinated by Japanese cuisine.

< About nishiiru >

The name of the restaurant is “Nishiiru”, which literally means “entering the west”. We hope this place will be where the guests experience the culture journey through the cooking by the chef from the westernmost point, Portugal. From Lisbon to Tokyo, to Kawaguchiko(Yamanashi), Ito(Shizuoka), Kusatsu onsen(Gunma), Tokyo again and to Kyoto.  Ricardo’s insatiable quest for Japanese cuisine with the great help of people through our path have led us where we are, with the aim of one day owning our own restaurant. 
In February 2022, we visited the Tango area, northern Kyoto by the sea and immediately thought this would be it.  We would like to share the amazing produce this location offers in this small Kura(old warehouse) renovated counter restaurant
—Mio Komori

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< Menu >

The tasting menu for ¥15,000 (price including tax ¥16,500).
It consists of around eight dishes, followed by seven pieces of sushi and two desserts.
The Portuguese chef, who has trained in various parts of Japan, uses seasonal ingredients mainly from the Tango area of Kyoto and offers a tasting menu based on classic Japanese cuisine techniques, incorporating his own identity. 

Towards the end of the meal, sushi will be made using pesticide and chemical fertilizer-free Koshihikari rice and Fujisu vinegar, which are cultivated and brewed by Iio Brewing Co., Ltd. (Miyazu City), combined with the seafood from the nutrient-rich coastal waters of the Tango area.*Half portion menu is available for children for JPY 7,500 (JPY 8,250 incl. tax), please ask for more details.

There are many unique and excellent sake breweries in Tango. A wide range of sake is available in our drink menu, including standard, seasonal and limited edition sake.  We have also added a few Portuguese wines to the line-up for you to get to know. If you like wine, we hope you will give it a try.

Other items on offer include shochu made from Tango rice and potatoes, craft beer made from Belgian-style beer in the Tango region, and vinegar drinks from Iio Brewery.

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< Opening hours >
18:00~ Closed on Wednesdays/Thursdays
*all guests will start at the same time
*Subject to irregular closure due to participation in events, etc.
Please book 2 days prior to your desired date by telephone or by reservation form.

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< Access >
1968 Shinhama Miyazu-city, Kyoto, Japan
Telephone: +81-80-8370-4537
〈 Complete reservation system All 6 seats

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*From the main entrance of “aceto” the Italian restaurant by Iio jozo,
turn right and you will find us at the far right across the garden.
10-minute walk from Miyazu station of Kyoto Tango Railway, 10-minute drive from Amanohashidate,
30-minute drive from Ine no Funaya, 90-minute drive from Kyoto City.

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